To The Unknown Roads….

In the evening, when I had to leave Dungarpur for Bichchiwara, I was having a terrible headache… was it because of the two days’ workshop or because of my sleep disorders, or may be something else, I don’t know. .. all that I knew was that I needed some sleep. ..
I was missing home, and mother’s touch. ..
the thought of travelling 25kms was hitting me hard, and that too riding on the scooty… I was finding it hard to decide whether to go or to stay back, and it was getting dark in the meanwhile. ..
Bichchiwara, a place unknown to me once, is home now, and I decided to return…
In the past few months I’ve crossed this road several times. And everytime, there’s something new. In the initial days, when it was monsoon, I saw the green Aravallis, giving me the most amazing feel and breaking all my notions that my geography books had built through the years. During autumn, when I crossed the road, I saw the vast stretches covered with maize.
This time, while going I didn’t notice much since I was tripling with two of my friends who were successful enough in keeping me engrossed in their never-ending-songs! Only for a moment, I was wondering that why is everything looking so empty and dull, and I realized that the maize had been harvested, and the winter is snatching away the green veil of the hills….
This is the first time when I travelled through that road after dark. There aren’t any street lights, and if a vehicle comes from the opposite side, your visibility turns zero for obvious reasons. But, this road I guess is one of the least travelled ones…
The darkness and the cold weather was giving me goosebumps, though I was enjoying the ride, as always. I felt the wind blowing by my ears making it numb, and my fingers seemed immovable when I tried to change the song in my playlist.
As I crossed the unfamiliar villages with the strangest names, I was wondering what the people would be doing at home now- either having dinner or gone off to sleep. It was just 7’o clock by the way. The shops were closed, and there wasn’t a single soul out on the street. The otherwise fancy palace that comes on the way seemed to be a haunted fort in that darkness.
There’s a certain point after which the road condition turns worse, I guess the PradhanMantri Gram Sarak Yojna needs to look into this. It’s there where the bumpy ride begins… Nevertheless, however it be, I enjoyed like I always do… I guess I’m in love with this unknown road…
And somehow, by the time I reached Bichchiwara, my headache was gone… may be the unknown roads had some magic spell that was blowing in the wind.



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