No, I’m not a lesbian, but if I would have been one, I would have dated her for sure 🙂

It was the first day in University, and I was more clueless than ever. There were quite a few faces which seemed as clueless as mine, but weird hesitation blew in the air inside the room where everyone was busy filling up their forms.

“Hi, which department?” – she asked with a polite smile.

“I.R, you?”

“Oh, same here. I think we shall be friends”.

I didn’t take her number that day, neither did she asked for mine, but that 30 seconds conversation fetched me one of the best people I know, till date.

I don’t remember the initial days so vividly, just that we used to sit together during the classes, and probably walk till Gate 4. She apparently seems to be a very quiet person, but slowly I realized she is as mad as I am!

We laughed at the worst jokes ever and bitched about the most random things. We ogled at boys and discussed heartbreaks. And of course, whenever I would wake up to a cloudy morning, I knew  there would be a text saying, “Not feeling like studying. It’s our favourite weather”.

There were many-a-times when we walked down the Dhakuria Bridge when she would tell me how to lose weight, and by the end it, we would be hogging Choco Ganache Pastry at Cakes!

While with everyone else I discussed the syllabus and course materials before the semester, with her it was all about where to go after exams, and what to eat!

Be it Pujo, or Holi, or birthdays – we celebrated everything together for those 5 years. And, as every good thing comes to an end, so did the University days…

I was always sure of moving to a different city, and she knew she was going to stay back. In that Farewell Diary, she wrote: “I will miss you on my birthdays, coz you always cared to make it special with your surprises.”

It’s the second year in a row that we aren’t celebrating her birthday together, but I always make sure to make it ‘special’…


Love, Forever.2012-01-24 12.17.11

(Us, then. 2009)


(Us, Now. 2016)


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