The Emergency waiting hall is immensely crowded, as people are running to cater the accident victims.

The doctor hasn’t arrived yet. Probably everything is bad today, even the traffic.


She was waiting for long, with nervousness and guilt. In the last few weeks, she has got closer to her unborn child. She wanted to give birth, but he didn’t, because our society doesn’t approve of the fruit of adultery. Or maybe because he had other constraints that were unknown to her.

While she was lost in thoughts, the nurse called her inside, and a sedative was injected as the doctor comforted her before killing the 6 weeks old foetus. In that state of partial consciousness, she tried to let go of the mother’s love, and accused the man who turned her into a murderer.


Inside the washroom just next to the Emergency Ward, there was another lady, bursting into tears. She didn’t know how to convey the message to her husband, who was eagerly looking forward of having this child. They had even discussed the name of the baby.

Suffering from excruciating pain, she stared at the commode that was filled with blood. The largest lump of tissue – what she believed to be the yolk sac – was smaller than it felt in her heart. She searched for the embryo inside it, as her clothes got stained with blood. Shaking with fear, she couldn’t flush the toilet for an hour because she was sure that her baby was in there. Rationality had ceased to register through the distress.


Today is a bad day, for him too. The man lost his two kids.

Karma’s a bitch!


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