A Friend Who’s Growing More Beautiful With Age

Sometimes I wonder how life would have been like if all these beautiful people wouldn’t have been around me – could I still write like this, the way I do now? Because all my stories happen for them – for their presence in my life – for their existence in some way or the other through all these years – for them being so special in their own ways.

Writing on special occasions for special people makes me happy to an extent that’s undefinable. I initially thought of buying her some gift, but couldn’t think of what actually to buy! Then I thought I should write a letter and send her, the way I did long back, perhaps when both of us were 10 or 12 years old. But couldn’t make my mind and remained confused like I am, half the time.

Every day, Facebook and Twitter newsfeeds are flooded with articles about friends and friendships et cetera et cetera and no matter how much you would want to ignore them, you eventually end up clicking and reading it. I’m no different in this case – and there have been many a time that I could relate my friendship with her while reading those articles.

So, to begin…

It was sometime around the summer of 1996, when I first met her – a classmate – a thin, short one, unlike me! We used to sit together in class till the teacher felt that we are talking too much and disturbing the rest of the students. Our seats were changed, but we still passed on a smile to each other and waited for the lunch break.

Consecutively, for 3 years, we were put in the same sections to our delight, and every time we sat together till the teacher got irritated with our non-stop chirpings. And then, our sections changed as we got promoted to a higher class – that time, it felt nothing less than a heartbreak! Yeah, we were 10-year-old then, and that’s when we decided to exchange letters during the recess.

And then, amidst all the chaos of life, we grew up even before we could realize what growing up means. She changed school after 10th grade, and we started losing contact with each other slowly. Later, she moved to a different city for college, and I got entangled in the chores of life which were hard to ignore at that particular point. But somehow, we would always give each other a call if there was something important to tell.

I met her last monsoon, after 9 long years – and the first time we hugged, I could still feel the same vibes that we shared the last time we met in school while collecting the 10th board exam results.

Does time really change things? – I guess not always.

As the setting sun witnessed our reunion, sitting on Pondicherry beach, we talked endlessly like used to do in class – and we didn’t have to think about getting our seats changed!

In those few days that I had to spend in Pondy, we talked about everything that we missed out in the last 9 years – from the tiffin-talks to life – there was nothing we could actually skip!

The first time I had visited her house, we were in 7th grade – and I still remember the mess we had made in the kitchen at midnight and how madly we danced on the terrace when it rained. Then I was there at her house that she has set up with another wonderful person, whom she calls husband – and now, she no longer makes a mess in the kitchen! That tiny friend of mine has turned to a perfect homemaker – and she surprised me with her cooking skills!

No matter how much she has evolved – she still loves to talk about clothes and shoes, bags and makeup, and she reminded me of all those times before Puja vacation, when we discussed what we shall wear during those 4 days! She has a walk-in closet and she can never stop adding more to it. She would drag me to shop and I wondered why am I buying all these!!!

When we were in school, we used to say we are “Best Friends” – I believe that was too childish of us, and now that we have so many friends from different walks of life, and each has their importance – the term “best friends” has lost its charm in a way. But undoubtedly, she is one of the best people I know and one of those who’ll just come and give a hug without asking much questions.

To that friend who’s growing more beautiful with age!
Happy 27th 🙂



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