The Google of Spiti*

'Knock! Knock' We were all sitting in our room post-lunch, before setting out for Kibber, when Murli comes in. With him, was this tiny boy with shining eyes and a mellow smile. "Meet Singye. Yeh mujhe market mein mila", (I met him at the market) Murli said in his not-so-good Hindi. But his expression had … Continue reading The Google of Spiti*


The Shack Story

In this larger world where we live, there are numerous smaller worlds, each nurturing itself in a different way, completely hidden from the rest. Such was Haa Valley (‘Haa’ in Dzongkha literally translates to ‘rice’), situated in the Western part of Bhutan, bordered by Tibet. Scarcely populated, Haa Valley appeared like a dreamland to me.  … Continue reading The Shack Story

An Ode To The Reactions…

“Oh, you want to travel alone, so fancy!” “Travelling is a bourgeois pleasure, not everyone gets to enjoy.” “Why are you going alone? No friends to accompany?” “Wow Riyanka, I envy you. I wish I could also leave it all and go…” “Why Pondicherry, of all the places? Are you a meditation person?” ----------------------------------------------------------- This … Continue reading An Ode To The Reactions…


The Emergency waiting hall is immensely crowded, as people are running to cater the accident victims. The doctor hasn’t arrived yet. Probably everything is bad today, even the traffic.   She was waiting for long, with nervousness and guilt. In the last few weeks, she has got closer to her unborn child. She wanted to … Continue reading Karma