The Google of Spiti*

'Knock! Knock' We were all sitting in our room post-lunch, before setting out for Kibber, when Murli comes in. With him, was this tiny boy with shining eyes and a mellow smile. "Meet Singye. Yeh mujhe market mein mila", (I met him at the market) Murli said in his not-so-good Hindi. But his expression had … Continue reading The Google of Spiti*


Escape, With Love

To the one who always asks, "Why do you love me so much?" Let me tell you something before I answer your question. I was 23 then, living in a faraway town that's difficult to be traced in the conventional map of India. I have been a very obedient child since forever, (at least that's what … Continue reading Escape, With Love

An Ode To The Reactions…

“Oh, you want to travel alone, so fancy!” “Travelling is a bourgeois pleasure, not everyone gets to enjoy.” “Why are you going alone? No friends to accompany?” “Wow Riyanka, I envy you. I wish I could also leave it all and go…” “Why Pondicherry, of all the places? Are you a meditation person?” ----------------------------------------------------------- This … Continue reading An Ode To The Reactions…