Humans Of Spiti – A Photo Blog

Needless to say, I drew inspiration from Brandon Stanton, who took the world of social media by storm, back in 2010 when he started 'Humans of New York'. Although I got introduced to HONY much later, sometime around 2014, when I developed an interest in photography and started following people on Instagram. There's something about … Continue reading Humans Of Spiti – A Photo Blog


A Month In Bhutan: How It Changed My Way To Look At Life

“A month? What are you going to do there for a month?” - Nearly every second person whom I told about my Bhutan plans, asked me this questions! A point came when I was tired of explaining, and I chose a rather simple answer - “Since I’m doing nothing here, I’ll do nothing there as … Continue reading A Month In Bhutan: How It Changed My Way To Look At Life

The Shack Story

In this larger world where we live, there are numerous smaller worlds, each nurturing itself in a different way, completely hidden from the rest. Such was Haa Valley (‘Haa’ in Dzongkha literally translates to ‘rice’), situated in the Western part of Bhutan, bordered by Tibet. Scarcely populated, Haa Valley appeared like a dreamland to me.  … Continue reading The Shack Story

Myself, And The Empty Compartment…

(17th April'15. Chetak express. Udaipur to Gurgaon.) "It's not about reaching the destination, but about enjoying the journey..." Going home is always a pleasure. A certain satisfaction that keeps buzzing the subconscious mind, that urge for the known smell, the craving for mother's touch and moving after Pishi, following her everywhere. In the last one … Continue reading Myself, And The Empty Compartment…