The Emergency waiting hall is immensely crowded, as people are running to cater the accident victims. The doctor hasn’t arrived yet. Probably everything is bad today, even the traffic.   She was waiting for long, with nervousness and guilt. In the last few weeks, she has got closer to her unborn child. She wanted to … Continue reading Karma



No, I'm not a lesbian, but if I would have been one, I would have dated her for sure 🙂 It was the first day in University, and I was more clueless than ever. There were quite a few faces which seemed as clueless as mine, but weird hesitation blew in the air inside the … Continue reading Girlfriend


It was an unusually busy day. His first album was finally launched. He has waited for this moment, for years. His passion, amalgamated with hard work, did pay off. Uncountable phone calls, SMSs, tweets and Facebook posts poured in, with “Congratulations” flowing from every direction. It was around 11.45 at night, and he was on … Continue reading Wishes

Myself, And The Empty Compartment…

(17th April'15. Chetak express. Udaipur to Gurgaon.) "It's not about reaching the destination, but about enjoying the journey..." Going home is always a pleasure. A certain satisfaction that keeps buzzing the subconscious mind, that urge for the known smell, the craving for mother's touch and moving after Pishi, following her everywhere. In the last one … Continue reading Myself, And The Empty Compartment…


“Melancholy...she'll say that it is a sad word. I'll say no, it’s nostalgic, it describes something forgotten yet fragile, as we all are, when we pretend we can't see the path through which life has led us, without taking our permission." * It was unlike the other mornings. The road never seemed so crowded before. … Continue reading Melancholy